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"Holidays in Love" December Box


Product Description

The Holiday season is such a special time of year...but WAY more special if you are in love! -"Merry and In Love" Tee Shirt: This red, soft, long sleeve cotton tee is the perfect piece to wear during the Holiday Season! This shirt was exclusively designed for our beautiful brides! -Silver Heart Choker Necklace: The perfect piece to dress up any outfit whether you're attending a holiday party, an engagement party or running errands on the weekend! This classic heart shaped choker necklace will give you just the right amount of glam! -"The Best is Yet to Come" Ornament A beautiful reminder of your time together pre-wedding, that you can enjoy every year at the Holidays! Handmade for you by Vinyl Craftics, from one of our favorite Etsy vendors. Check them out at for more lovely homemade items to add to your collection! -"All of Me Loves All of You" Wooden Sign: Display your love for one another with this beautifully hand painted wooden sign! "All of me, loves all of you" is a lovely statement to represent your love for one another! Each sign was hand cut, stained and hand painted by our local New Hampshire friends at Rustic Customs. -"Loved Scent" Tin Candle: Let the incredible scent of mint and rose fill your home and heart as you relax with your fiancé, prepare for holiday celebrations and enjoy this special time in your life! These tin candles are infused with crystal for wellness and energy healing. To shop for other scents please visit:

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